30 Day Writing Challenge

I couldn’t find any good ones on here, so I made my own.

Write a scene in which:

1. The weather reflects the character’s mood

2. You describe your character without making a list of their physical attributes

3. Your antagonist describes your protagonist

4. Your character is eating. What are their eating habits like?

5. Your character is confronted by something they are afraid of

6. Your character is doing something they are good at

7. Your character is attempting something they are bad at

8. Another character meets your character for the first time

9. Your character interacts with a foreign culture

10. Someone gives your character a gift

11. Your character has been captured/kidnapped by assailants unknown

12. Your character has been caught doing something they consider embarrassing

13. Your character has to give an acceptance speech for some sort of award

14. Your character interacts with someone not in their age group

15. The physical environment makes your character uncomfortable/unhappy

16. Your character is in danger

17. Your character is somehow intoxicated or impaired

18. Your character finds themselves in a body of the opposite sex

19. Your character has amnesia

20. Your character interacts with someone of a different class/background

21. Your character makes an important life decision

22. Your character is trying to relax

23. Your character is (for some reason) consuming a food/drink that they really dislike

24. Another character has pulled a prank/joke on your character

25. Your character has to interact with someone they find annoying

26. Your character is in disguise

27. Your character meets someone they idolize

28. Your character has forgotten something important

29. Your character meets you face-to-face (whether they know you’re their creator is your choice)

30. Your character ends up in an alternate universe/reality

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